Summertime is a comin’


Hello lovers -- It’s time for food shaped floaties, frozen treats, new swimsuits, and spontaneous adventures with your best friends. Here are some summer bucket list ideas to do in your spare time:

• Have a bonfire and make some yummy treats -- Smores anyone?

• Go to the drive-in movies or lounge at home for a movie marathon weekend .

• Take it back to the middle school days and pull an all-nighter

• Go on a spontaneous road trip -- Sedona, Cali, Vegas- the options are endless

• A day at the lake -- Natural glow? Yes please.

• Tie Dye T-shirts -- Well worth the blue hands for 5 days.

• Go on a hiking adventure and find a new trail -- You might even stumble upon a hidden waterfall.

• Go thrift shopping -- Get creative and get your DIY on.

• Have a picnic -- Don’t forget the champagne.

• Go to the zoo -- No, you can’t adopt a tiger.

• Watch sunset/sunrise -- Cozy on up in a warm blanket.

• Make a dream journal -- “Don’t dream your life, live your dream.”

• Dance in the rain -- Bust out your inner Beyoncé.




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