Summer Internship: Experience, Takeaway, & Advice
By Madison Rowbotham


When I came across the “We’re Hiring” graphic on 224 Apparel’s social media, I couldn’t wait to apply. I had just secured an internship starting in the Fall semester through my school, but was dying to get as much experience as I could and was a huge fan of 224.

So, I put some finishing touchss on my resume, and sent it out, hoping for the best. I casually refreshed my email every hour or so, waiting for a reply back. I had to read the email about six times before realized I had actually secured an interview.

Everything happened so fast and I was in the office for an interview less than a week later. The interview was great and I already loved the atmosphere and knew I could easily get along with the people who worked there. I was ecstatic when they offered me an internship position as a Brand Ambassador.

Two weeks later, it was time for my first day. I was a nervous-wreck walking into the office, not really knowing what to expect. The 224 family did a great job at calming my nerves and making me feel welcome. On top of my desk, there were some goodies- including 224 tshirts, stickers, and a Kate Spade notebook. I was over the moon and couldn’t wait to show them off!

The other Brand Ambassador and I introduced ourselves, only to discover that we had the same name and were even wearing the same shoes. It was the beginning of a great friendship.

We were given many tasks, my main one being social media. Every day I posted to our Instagram and Facebook, and regrammed many chapters sporting our apparel. To make things easier with so many pictures to choose from, I plugged the pics into a weekly grid- making sure we had an equal balance of sororities, colors, group shots, etc. I also made sure to update our Tumblr and Pinterest weekly so there was always fresh, new content.

A few weeks later, we got a new intern and we all immediately hit it off. We hang out all of the time… even outside of work.

Flash-forward to the end of the summer, I can honestly say that I have learned so much more than I thought I would.

I have learned how to plan and execute photo-shoots, I have honed my Photoshop skills thanks to our Sr. Art Director, I have learned how to better target a demographic on social media, I have learned how to communicate with a team and work under a strict deadline, and I have learned that it is possible to find an internship/job you enjoy coming into everyday.

I can’t wait to learn more, as I extend my internship past the summer. Bring it on fall semester!

My biggest takeaway is that it is so important to get experience before you pursue your dream career. Sometimes, you might end up realizing that, that career is not the best fit for you. Other times, you’ll know you’re headed down the right path. This internship just made my love for fashion and apparel grow stronger, and I know that I still want to go into the industry.

With that being said, my advice to you all is to go out there and get as much experience as you can! You might consider yourself an “expert” in the field you want to pursue, but I guarantee that there is always something more for you to learn. Experience truly is key.

There are so many resources out there to help you secure an internship- make sure and use them! I found mine through social media! My school connected me with my other internship and even helped set up interviews for me.

Connect, network, research- I promise the time you spend looking and applying will be worth it in the end.

Good luck and happy searching :)



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