Name: Maddie Douglas

What she does (Job Title): Brand Ambassador

From: Tempe, Arizona

Sorority: Kappa Alpha Theta, ASU

Favorite color: Anything pastel!

Favorite 224 item: Our Brunch, Pancakes, & Lattes Tee (Because my two favorite things are pastel pink and brunch)

Beauty must-have: Coconut Oil. You can literally use it for everything (aka to grow my eyelashes and hair, whiten my teeth, soften my skin, etc.)

I can’t go a day without... Talking to my little brother. Even though we are 10 years apart, we have the best relationship and have the most fun together.

Favorite Scent: Home Depot

Hidden talent: I can lick my elbow

Guilty pleasure: Chick-fil-A. 8 count chicken nugget meal with ranch, large fry with ketchup, and a vanilla milkshake.

What’s your favorite thing about being a part of the 224 Family? I love waking up everyday excited to come into work and see my 224 fam. I actually miss everyone the days I don’t get to come into the office. Everyday is a new adventure, whether it is staging an Instagram photo, recording a YouTube video, creating new designs, or driving around town with our team. I get to learn something new everyday from all of the people that work here. It is cool to see all the hard work that goes into designing a new product. Our creative consultants and art director are amazing!




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