If You Were a Tropical Fruit...


We love pineapples. It's a fact. From pineapple graphic tees, to pineapple phone cases, to pineapple sunglasses, we have a thing for this golden fruit. "If you were a tropical fruit, you'd be a fineapple". Um, YES!!

Considering our pineapple affection, it was a natural choice for us to include this sweet treat in our first photo shoot for The 224 Store. But we didn't want just any pineapple. It needed to be a "FINEapple". And really, what's better than using a pineapple as a prop?!


When thinking of the perfect pineapple, a few things came to mind. Vibrant colors, summer, and our childhood fascination with all things Lisa Frank were our top sources of inspiration. And, just like our apparel items, it needed to be made with love! We went to the grocery store to select our prime pieces of produce. Next, we went to the craft store to stock up on spray paint. With an array of neon colors (and metallic gold, obviously) in hand, we went to town. We shook those paint cans, and painted our hearts out! After misting on the first coats of paint, we "dusted" the tops and bottoms of the pineapples using different colors to create rainbow ombre effects. When it comes to getting crafty at the office, we're all over it!


We hope you love our pretty pineapples! We sure had fun making them :)

xoxo, 224 Apparel


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