BOXFOX Collaboration

Last week we teamed up with BOXFOX for an amazing Instagram giveaway offering customized boxes filled with adorable 224 shirts, wall art, and BOXFOX goodies! The giveaway was a HUGE success and we loved collaborating with this company so much that we decided to feature one of the gorgeous founders, Chelsea Moore, on our blog!


Haven't heard of BOXFOX yet?! Prepare yourself because they've made gifting WAY more easy, fun, and absolutely adorable for every occasion.

Describe BOXFOX: BOXFOX is a new kind of gifting company, offering curated gift boxes for life’s many moods, milestones and moments. We’re dedicated to making gifting effortless and elegant by handling everything from the handwritten note to the wrapping and shipping of each gift. As girls who love to gift, we noticed that it’s hard to send a thoughtful, elegant gift that’s comprised of smaller, unique elements. From prepacked gifts and BUILD A BOXFOX to weddings, corporate and sorority gifts — we’ve got you covered.

How did BOXFOX originate? BOXFOX grew as an idea out of the panic attack we three founders had when we left college and our best friends split up all over the world. We knew there had to be a way to stay consistently and authentically involved in our friendships and their milestones. Cue the months of late night brainstorming, researching and development and BOXFOX was born!

What inspired the development of the company? What inspired us to really take the idea and run with it was having two of my best friends as co-founders (Hi Jenni & Sabena!), a super supportive network and the desire to create a company whose mission is to help better the relationships we all hold so dear.

Do you feel like your role in Greek Life has helped your business? I can’t say enough positive things about my experience with Greek life. I was very involved in Kappa (as was co-founder Jenni!) and being leaders for an organization we cared about taught us about responsibility, balance and how to work with different types of people. In and out of Greek Life, taking on a leadership role in an organization you’re dedicated to is a great growth experience.

Where do you see your company in 5, 10 years? We hope to offer effortless and elegant gifting options for every occasion! Plus a few other awesome things we have up our sleeves ;)

What’s your favorite quote? Right now? “I’ll show you how valuable Elle Woods can be!"

Guilty Pleasure? Homemade cookie dough, minus the chocolate chips.



Check our Instagram @224apparel and @shopboxfox to see who our lucky contest winners are!!


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