It’s that time of year again… time for back to school! Spring semester means a lot of things for your typical college student - cramming for that final, running late to class and all of your other responsibilities, and consuming an excessive amount of caffeine. However, before really getting back into the swing of things & the routine of homework and club meetings, there are some essentials that are necessary to start the school year on a positive note!


    • Honestly, we’re not sure where we would be without a planner and our reminders app on our phones. Being able to write down everything that needs to be done really helps plan out your day and time manage. Keep tracking of homework, to extracurriculars, to your hair and nail appointments, planners and phone apps will help you stay organized and on top of things!
    • Sticky notes, weekly lists and my huge tabletop calendar really get me through the day! Kate Spade has super cute gold-foiled and pastel-hued sticky notes that come in a convenient desktop tray to help ensure you never miss another memo! We’re obsessed with all of her stationary gear!! Since you never know when inspiration will strike, don't go anywhere without your signature pen and a stack of sticky notes.
    • This may seem like a no brainer, but with running back and forth to class and all over campus, you’ll want to make sure your laptop is protected! Especially if you’re one of those lucky ones who got a brand new laptop or tablet over the holidays!
    • I’m sure your day is hectic at times and sometimes you feel like there’s not even enough time in the day to eat. Carrying around some light snacks, such as a PB&J sammy, granola bars, yogurt, will help you stay energized throughout your busy day. Also don’t forget to stay hydrated! Drink a lot of water to keep yourself healthy.
    • Do you pack lunch a few times a week? Make it look stylish and swap out whatever Tupperware you’re currently using for a pastel bento box and reusable bamboo utensils!
    • We’re obsessed with a cute notebook! You definitely can’t get through school without at least one of these. Stop by Anthropologie and snag these slim & super cute notebooks that can fit in any bag. Don’t forget those new pencils also!
    • Back to school also means new clothes and shoes - the best part! You will literally be starting the year off on the right foot :) A pair of comfy running shoes will for sure get you to and from class! Between all of your exams and assignments, the last thing you need is for your feet to be in any pain. Nike is our fav!
    • Everyone has that go-to tee that they can’t live without. For all the brunch enthusiasts out there, we have {this} feminine rolled-cuff muscle tank, featured in black & white, exclusively on The 224 Store!
    • Steer clear of germs by using hand sanitizer! I always have at least one Warm Vanilla Sugar flavored hand sanitizer in my bag at all times. Stock up and keep one in both your purse(s) and backpack so you’re never without one!
    • When heading back to school, you want to make sure you have a list of goals that you want to accomplish in the upcoming year/semester. Just acknowledging them will drive you towards your goals! Formulating your aspirations is your first step towards achieving them.

We hope this list helps you get back on track after the long holiday break! Have a great semester and year, wherever life decides to take you :) xoxo!


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