224 Turns 6!



By, Ali Matthews Radow

Chief Creative Officer

The day was February 24th, 2010. Little did I know, that date would shape the path of my life.

On that date, I met with Jonathan Radow to discuss a business idea over Starbucks. We had mutual friends; a childhood friend of his married one of my sorority sisters. I had been designing boutique sorority apparel since graduating from Arizona State in 2008, and Jonathan had been building a referral-based business [more about us here]. We decided to pair the two together, and create something new. Before we knew it, another pairing came about... Jon became my boyfriend. (Major curveball, I know!)

Jon and I both are proud Greek alum. Combining two things that we love, both fashion and Greek life, was a dream come true. Having been Chief Recruiting Officer of my own chapter, I was all too familiar with the struggle of finding something with style. Not to mention, the lack of female presence in both the Greek & custom apparel realms was a bit shocking. That's where we came into play.

This new company needed a name. "February 24th. That was a lucky date," Jon suggested. 2/24 had a nice ring to it! Six years later, we're here celebrating the beginning of our love story... and the beginning of 224 Apparel.

SO much has happened since 2/24/10. We started building a family business together. Jon and I got married! Our team multiplied. We started from an office inside our house, and then moved into a new office "home". We've had the pleasure of working with clientele across 47 states, Canada, and over 400 universities. We've watched the trends in custom apparel evolve into fashion.

For the sake of a blog post, this is the summary. You read that correctly, we worked out of our house in the beginning. Our first employees were interns from ASU, working from a dining room table. There was no glamorous office. Was it worth it? You bet!! We appreciate the journey, wouldn't have had it any other way. We worked hard then... and we haven't stopped since.

Love, passion, and an incredible team has made 224 into what we have today. Our mission was (and is) to create quality product that spoke for itself in both design and in our relationship with you. No advertising, no sales reps, no campus reps. We are 100% "word of mouth" referral-based. We're incredibly proud, and truly grateful you're here.

Our clients feel more like friends. Together, we're a sisterhood. The sorority apparel industry craved both style AND a feminine touch. You can push the envelope with fashion and still be wholesome in values. With a little creativity, the sky is the limit. Fashion is our core. At the same time, our relationships are of equal importance. (Gentlemen and corporate clients alike... we got you too!)

That's 224.

Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts, for being part of the 224 Apparel family. You're the reason we're here, and you make us love what we do each day. You made 2015 incredible, and we can't wait to share what's coming up next.

Cheers to 6 years, and to many more!!

With Love,

Ali + 224 Apparel


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