10 Thoughts We All Have While Watching The Bachelor


1. How much of this is actually real? I wonder if that’s staged… Who knows?

2. How do they all look like supermodels? Hi, yes please give me the name of your personal trainer, hairdresser, and whoever does your spray tans.

3. Is she wearing an old prom dress? Where do they find all of these long dresses and how do they have enough room in their suitcase to fit them all?

4. How does he remember all of their names? They must do breaks during the rose ceremony because there’s NO way he can remember all of them.

5. Why do they always give the crazy girls a rose?

6. Who is that girl? She doesn’t even go here, no really I’ve never seen her before. Does Nick know she’s here?

7. He’s already kissed everyone and it’s only been two weeks. How?

8. How are they already in love with him? Didn’t they just meet like yesterday? Girl, stop.

9. Do you think they nominate themselves to be on the show?

10. Free booze, free trips and a cute boy? Where can I sign up?


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